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Simply put I’m an avid music listener, devotee, and follower. I love it so much that I decided to develop this blog dedicated to every musical artist and band that I enjoy.

I hope to enlighten any potential listeners that may be out there on some great music.

This also serves as a great way to put all of my musical ideals and thoughts out to the world. High hopes for your appreciation

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If you're up for sharing musical ideas, or just wish to contact me feel free to send an email to (((((klrmuse@gmail.com))))) Cheers.

※A blog dedicated to all electronic music and anything else that might cross my mind in the realm of sound... Along with the occasional release here and there.※

MGMT Curate LateNightTales Compilation

The LateNightTales compilation series has lined up a big name to curate the next entry in the series: MGMT. Their compilation arrives on October 3, and it features tracks from people like the Velvet Underground, Felt, Suicide, Spacemen 3, and Disco Inferno. It also features an exclusive MGMT track: The band’s cover of the Bauhaus song "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything". Below, check out the comp’s tracklist and check out MGMT’s video for “Congratulations”.


01 Disco Inferno: “Can’t See Through It”
02 The Great Society: “Love You Girl”
03 Suicide: “Cheree”
04 Television Personalities: “Stop and Smell the Roses”
05 The Velvet Underground: “Ocean”
06 Felt: “Red Indians”
07 Julian Cope: “Laughing Boy”
08 Durutti Column: “For Belgium Friends”
09 Charlie Feathers: “Mound of Clay”
10 Mark Fry: “For Wilde”
11 MGMT: “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” (Bauhaus Cover)
12 Cheval Sombre: “Troubled Mind”
13 Dave Bixby: “Drug Song”
14 The Jacobites: “Hearts Are Like Flowers”
15 The Chills: “Pink Frost”
16 Martin Rev: “Sparks”
17 The Wake: “Melancholy Man”
18 Spacemen 3: “Lord Can You Hear Me?”
19 Pauline Anna Strom: “Morning Splendor”
20 Paul Morley: “Lost for Words Part 2”
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