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Simply put I’m an avid music listener, devotee, and follower. I love it so much that I decided to develop this blog dedicated to every musical artist and band that I enjoy.

I hope to enlighten any potential listeners that may be out there on some great music.

This also serves as a great way to put all of my musical ideals and thoughts out to the world. High hopes for your appreciation

Here is a link to some of my material. Like it or not:


If you're up for sharing musical ideas, or just wish to contact me feel free to send an email to (((((klrmuse@gmail.com))))) Cheers.

※A blog dedicated to all electronic music and anything else that might cross my mind in the realm of sound... Along with the occasional release here and there.※

via Nintendo Circuit Bending by (Casper Electronics)

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    //www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHMf14CHWHI :D
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    Sería increible par aun controlador midi para ableton live estilo retro… eso si que es midi fighter.. jajajaja xD salu2...
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