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Simply put I’m an avid music listener, devotee, and follower. I love it so much that I decided to develop this blog dedicated to every musical artist and band that I enjoy.

I hope to enlighten any potential listeners that may be out there on some great music.

This also serves as a great way to put all of my musical ideals and thoughts out to the world. High hopes for your appreciation

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※A blog dedicated to all electronic music and anything else that might cross my mind in the realm of sound... Along with the occasional release here and there.※

Aaliyah - One In A Million (A-Minor Remix)

Kilo Kish - IOU (TOKiMONSTA’s Runway Remix)


noystoise2014: IVAN

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Tobacco Ultima II Massage via Ghostly International, May 13th

Ghostly International

On his third album, the Pennsylvania snake-synth-charmer deepens his approach to aural depravity. Ultima II Massage widens a jagged swath through the dude’s own weird catalog, each disparate track damaged to the point of contributing to some sort of greater, lurching Frankenstein-like state. “I spent a lot of time breaking it in all the right places,” says TOBACCO. “It ends up making the whole thing breathe — sometimes gasp for air. It feels more alive.” Immediately after finishing 2010’s Maniac Meat, he went to work on the beat-addled series begun with Fucked Up Friends in 2008. There were notable breaks en route to now — a surprising commission to remix White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ‘65,” a new BMSR record (Cobra Juicy), and producing Demon Queen’s Exorcise Tape with vocalist Zackey Force Funk — but he saved the worst for last, amassing the most misanthropic material for Ultima. To wit, SPIN dubbed early share “Lipstick Destroyer” a “junkyard takedown of Daft Punk’s beloved, pristine electro.”

TOBACCO explains his modified approach: ”I wanted to push each song just enough, so that even when the album’s at its wildest, it’s something you can zone out to. It feels like a definitive end to a concept I’ve been trying to perfect forever. Maniac Meat was linear. This time I wanted to do a lot of different things and have them come together as one meditative piece. At least for myself.”

Which, oddly enough, makes sense. This is easily TOBACCO’s most diverse set to date — his own Stereopathetic Soulmanure, but about that 1-900 hotline life: massage parlors, plasticized sleaze, fake tans, old dial-ups to the fan clubs of dead B-actors. Fittingly, the album’s only contributor is music director Brian LeBarton who shrieks as Notrabel on the grimy freak-out “Streaker.” At 17 tracks, Ultima is stacked with beautifully perverse hits — from the sickly sticky “Eruption,” to the wobbly demon swaggerer “Face Breakout,” to the distorted punk spazz of “Dipsmack,” to the apocalyptic sepia ambience of “Spitlord.” You may hear disembodied bits of Boards of Canada, early Def Jam records, and Gary Numan, or maybe just public-access TV and bad VHS dubs of ‘80s horror flicks. Or the sun exploding and everything you’ve ever loved melting. Again, TOBACCO was just trying to make meditation music.

But to find that rotted sweet spot, as always, he had to subvert his pop urges. TOBACCO went back to the cassette decks he started off with — analog weapons of distortion to compliment his hissing vocoder and blown rhythms. Any moment that felt “just right” was brutally assaulted until ugly again. All to accomplish one end: “This might be my most purposely difficult album yet, but I promise if you let it in, it can fuck you up.”

Ultima II Massage. No happy ending.

Tokyo Festival of Modular 2014 Poster Day 2 via MATRIXSYNTH


ナカコーに曲作りを見せてもらいました【サンレコ2014年5月号連動】 “『Koji Nakamuraインタビュー』関連企画レポート(サウンド&レコーディング・マガジ­ン2014年5月号)

Koji Nakamura名義で新作を4月30日に発表するナカコー。各曲にまつわる彼の独特­な視点は誌面インタビューを是非チェックしていただきたいが、その具体的な曲作りの方­法についてはなかなか言語化が難しいのとこ。ということで、”曲作りの初期段階”を実­演してもらうことで、彼がいつも行っている作業に迫ってみたい。映像でどうぞ!”


"(May issue 2014 Sound & Recording Magazine) ” Koji Nakamura Interview ‘related planning report

Nakako to be announced on April 30 a new name in the Koji Nakamura. Unique perspective of his I want you to come and check the magazine interview concerning each song, but the cousin of the difficult language of hard information about how the song making concrete. By having them demonstrate the ‘early stages of making the song’, with that, I want to just around the work he is doing at all times. Please in the video! “

Thom Yorke x Flying Lotus @ Low End Theory L.A. via Gorilla vs Bear

The Roots - ‘…and then you shoot your cousin’ Artwork & Release Date. May 20

Black Thought

“It’s another concept album in the spirit of undun. but it’s not just about just one kind of character, we create quite a few different characters in this record. It’s satire, but in that satire it’s an analysis of some of the stereotypes perpetuated in not only the hip-hop community, but in the community. I don’t know if that makes any sense.”

Flying Lotus by JAY on Flickr.

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A semi in-depth look into Teebs’ Latest LP

As with all of Teebsio’s previous LPs, I’m in absolute love with this one. The oh so lovely thing about this artist’s evolution throughout each of his production ventures is that you can fully translate the progress and improvements being made following each late release. At the same time each of these collective sonic portraits present their own individual rationale, evoking singular emotion between themselves, while still remaining akin to each other—as many of his works usually do. The old saying, ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’, is obviously playing a huge part within production as his unorthodox arrangements, and texturized ambience remain to be a steadfast element within his music. Subtle yet meaningful and impacting changes are the only product of his most recent audible discovery. These lustrous findings are pleasantly implemented within E S T A R A.

Looking back to Teebs’ initial debut Ardor, he has primarily gravitated toward ambient and naturalistic flows that sway away from the beat driven architecture of tracks like Double Fiths, and Wind Loop. To the majority of listeners this may be somewhat of an off-putting decision given that many people are naturally more attracted to clear groves on the onset of listening to audible selections. However inside the proper listening environment and with the use of a quality pair of headphones, the rhythmical additions from Ardor can be easily discerned within the new LP through textural advancements, and organic cadence. Early tracks like Lakeshore Ave. show his fascination with rhythmical ambience. E S T A R A brings this fascination to life with a showcase of textural and sonic improvement through featured tracks like Piano Months and Shoouss Lullaby.

Of course we mustn’t forget his sophomore LP Collections 01, which seemed to act as an inclusion stemmed from the remnants of Ardor. It sonically acts as a stepping stone to
E S T A R A, as it suggests organic atmospheres and arrangements with the track LSP while subtly knocking at the tangible doors of realism within electronic music with the track Verbena Tea. This realism is thoroughly presented with increased accuracy during the last 3 minutes of Wavxxes, the last song to accompany the new LP.

Although E S T A R A sounds more exclusively geared toward surface quality, texture, and warmth, it also presents beat driven head knockers like Hi Hat, SOTM, NY, Pt. 2, and Mondaze that include within them the same newly discovered qualities that were vacant during his previous LPs. This entire album is lovingly saturated with an almost grokking nostalgic vegetation and flora driven inspiration that is nicely knit yet sonically expanding. Unlike Ardor and Collections 01, the new inclusion of prominent synth leads within his production style brings more character and solidity to the music. The fact that these additions sound as if they were manifested through a tape machine brings even more substantiality to the sonic portrayal. Given that Prefuse 73 has been playing a large part within Teebs’ music on a personal and professional level, these late inclusions seem to be right on time. With that said let us hope this release acts as a prerequisite to more works from Sons of The Morning as well as released acts from Prefuse 73’s imprint, Yellow Year.

Take a listen to track number 2 on E S T A R A below.

Shigeto - Live at Loft In Space - November 17, 2012 via Cabbit Records

TĀLĀ – Serbia

Here is TĀLĀ’s single/A-side Serbia, a followup from her unveiled track a couple of weeks back entitledThe Duchess,. The Duchess Ep is set for release via Aesop Label on June 2nd. Check out this lovely addition to the forthcoming drop below.

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